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New freely available tool for skin sensitization assessment: DASS App

Introducing the DASS App: Revolutionizing Skin Sensitization Assessment with Internationally Harmonized Defined Approaches


Chemically induced skin sensitization poses a significant occupational and public health concern. Regulatory authorities worldwide mandate the assessment of potential skin sensitization for numerous chemical products. Defined Approaches for Skin Sensitization (DASS) have emerged as a solution, integrating data from various non-animal tests based on human cells, molecular targets, and computational model predictions. While several DASS are globally accepted, the complexity of data interpretation procedures, coupled with the potential for manual errors, has highlighted the need for a more streamlined approach.

The DASS App is a ground-breaking open-source web application designed to simplify the application of three key regulatory testing strategies for skin sensitization assessment: the Two-out-of-Three (2o3), the Integrated Testing Strategy (ITS), and the Key Event 3/1 Sequential Testing Strategy (KE 3/1 STS). What sets the DASS App apart is its user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for software downloads or computational expertise.

Key features of the DASS App include:

1. User-friendly Interface: Easily navigate through the application without the need for specialized software or technical skills.

2. Data Upload and Analysis: Seamlessly upload user-provided data, and let the DASS App identify inconsistencies and formatting issues for you.

3. Predictions in Downloadable Format: Receive accurate predictions for skin sensitization potential, available for download in a convenient format.

The DASS App represents a significant leap forward in the implementation of internationally harmonized regulatory guidelines for assessing skin sensitization—an essential public health endpoint. By offering an open-access web-based solution, we aim to foster widespread adoption and ensure consistent, reproducible application of these crucial guidelines.

Additionally, all scripts are available on GitHub at

Read the open access paper:

K.T., Strickland, J., Reinke, E. et al. Computational application of internationally harmonized defined approaches to skin sensitization: DASS App. BMC Bioinformatics 25, 4 (2024).

Learn about the Automated Workflow for DASS in the OECD QSAR ToolBox at

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