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New Release of "NAMs - Use and Application of QSAR and Read-Across" Training Course

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated new release of our training course, "NAMs - Use and Application of QSAR and Read-Across."

The updated training course will be available in November 2023 to allow the inclusion of the new OECD (Q)SAR Assessment Framework that is going to be published in September 2023.

This course is designed to equip professionals like you with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage Non-Animal Methods (NAMs) effectively in the field of toxicology.

📚Refreshed Theory Section: our expert team shall carefully revised the theoretical foundations of the course, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of (Q)SAR and read-across principles. The new OECD (Q)SAR Assessment Framework will be included to ensures that you receive the most current and relevant information, allowing you to apply the latest methodologies in your toxicological hazard assessments.

📚Updated Practical Sections: in this new release, we have dedicated significant effort to enhancing the practical sections of the course. We shall introduce you to a range of powerful new tools that will greatly enhance your learning experience. These tools include:

  • GenRA (Generalized Read-Across): an algorithmic automated approach to make reproducible read-across predictions of toxicity outcomes from in vivo studies. The read-across prediction is a similarity weighted activity of nearest neighbours (source chemicals) based on chemistry and/or bioactivity descriptors. GenRA is implemented as a standalone web based application that is linked to the EPA CompTox Chemicals Dashboard.

  • OCHEM (Online Chemical Modeling Environment): a powerful platform that provides access to a wide range of QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship) modeling tools and resources. It is designed to assist researchers and professionals in conducting predictive modeling for chemical compounds. Discover how to leverage its capabilities to perform accurate and efficient toxicological hazard assessments.

  • Concert REACH Gateway: the “gateway” reports all the predictive software available in the four platforms, VEGAHUB, OCHEM, the Danish (Q)SAR Database and AMBIT, relative to REACH endpoints.

📖Enhanced Demonstration of ICE (Integrated Chemical Environment) to include the modules Curve Surfer, PBPK, IVIVE.

📖Updated Demonstrations of the new version of Tools already included in the course: Get hands-on experience with the latest versions of renowned tools such as VEGA, the Danish QSAR Database and Models, the EPA Chemical Dashboard, the OECD QSAR Toolbox, and TEST. These updated versions bring new functionalities and improved performance, enabling you to conduct thorough toxicological hazard evaluations.

By enrolling in our "NAMs - Use and Application of QSAR and Read-Across" training course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of QSAR and read-across and how to implement them effectively. You will explore the theoretical foundations and then apply your knowledge using updated practical sections that integrate cutting-edge tools.

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