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Computational / in silico toxicology is a rapidly developing discipline. If you are looking to build or to enhance your skills in predicting chemical toxicity, including how the methods are applied and assessed, you can choose one of our learning opportunities.


tutor-assisted eLearning

NAMs - Use and application of QSAR and read-across

This is an extended 16 hour version of the live streaming course with additional home exercises and detailed software demonstrations


This course is tutor-assisted with two personal one-to-one meetings with the tutor and unlimited email access for answering questions.

This course is recognized by EUROTOX as providing 12.5 hours of education for continuing professional development

£ 820


tutor-assisted eLearning

Using the OECD QSAR ToolBox

The focus of this course is on the functionality of the latest version of the OECD QSAR Toolbox and how to use it for higher tier toxicological endpoints.


This course is for attendees already familiar with the theory of QSAR and how to build a read-across strategy.

(Available from April 2023)

This course is being redesigned into optional modules based on human health and ecotoxicity




Company specific courses:
NAMs - Use and applications of QSAR and read-across
Using the OECD QSAR Toolbox

The company specific course is for 5-10 attendees. 


The standard course is modified to include relevant chemistry and toxicology endpoints.

The company specific course allows the attendees the freedom to ask confidential questions to the tutor.

£ 5,900

add-on courses

Once you have an understanding of QSAR and read-across, the modules below have been designed to enhance your knowledge within specific areas of in silico toxicology. There will be no or minimal repetition of course material from the core training program.



ICH M7 applications for drug impurities and extractables & leachables

Course covers the applications of in silico methods used for mutagenicity for drug impurities and extractables and leachables.

This is available as a bespoke course for companies solely interested in E&L and ICH M7

Suitable for toxicologists new to this subject and analytical chemists


£ 500



Bespoke follow-up training

This option allows you to practice what has been learnt on the standard course using your real-life cases with the aid of our tutors.

Typically this is conducted on-site or video-streamed under a confidentiality agreement.


£ 1,500

other custom training for in silico toxicology

The content for the courses will be reviewed to meet individual client requirements and the training can be delivered at any location that best suits the client. Contact us at to discuss your needs.

What is (Q)SAR and read-across
Where can I use it?


A brief introduction to in silico methods covering what is SAR, QSAR and read-across and its uses and relevance in regulatory toxicology.

How do I conduct a read-across?



This video summarises the methodology used to conduct an in silico read-across in a simple to understand workflow.  

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