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In Silico Toxicology Training and Consultancy

Achieving Safer Chemicals, Ethically and Cost Effectively



We provide an extensive range of training course for in silico toxicology including on-site, video-streamed and tutor-assisted eLearning courses for toxicologists, chemists and regulatory officers


The use of computational chemistry for in silico toxicology is the most cost effective method with the fastest delivery used for the risk assessment of chemicals. If you need expertise to employ these methods, please contact us. Check out our consultnacy page to learn more.


Our clients from a wide range of different industries - cosmetics, chemicals, packaging, food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and even regulators value our expertise in using and training in silico methods.  Many have left reviews on Trustpilot.



At ToxNavigation Ltd, we are passionate about using in silico methods to achieve safer chemicals without resorting to animal testing. We are experienced professionals with decades of experience in toxicology and chemical safety and we are committed to providing the highest quality training and consultancy services.

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