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What is (Q)SAR and read-across
Where can I use it?


A brief introduction to in silico methods covering what is SAR, QSAR and read-across and its uses and relevance in regulatory toxicology.

How Can I Find Reliable Toxicity Studies?


Toxicologists spend a huge amount of time searching for  relevant toxicology studies from public sources.  Even when the studies our located, many studies are missing data making it difficult to assess the quality.

ChemTunes database from MN-AM holds a huge repository of individually curated studies.

How Can Analytical Chemists Improve the Efficiency of the Toxicological Panel in Pharmaceutical R&D?


If analysts using mass spectrometry could do a first-pass screen of all probable isomers for mutagenicity rather than wait until the definitive elucidation for an assessment, the whole process could be made much more efficient. 

The unique aspect of this workflow is a robust and rigorous method for quantitative weight-of-evidence (WoE) based on the Dempster-Shafer theory which combines the results of two complementary (Q)SAR methodologies, an expert rule-based and one or more statistical-based models, in a single easy-to-understand AMES and skin sensitizer prediction.

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