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QSAR basics


  • Chemical identifiers and chemical structure

  • Molecular properties

  • Relationship between structure and properties: Expert rule-based methods and Statistical-based methods

QSARs for regulatory use


  • OECD principles for the Validation, for Regulatory Purpose, of (Q)SAR Models

  • Examples on how specific QSAR models can be evaluated with respect to the OECD principles

  • Regulatory reporting formats: QMRF and QPRF reports


  • Description of freely available and commercial QSAR software for regulatory toxicology

  • Demonstration of specific software

1 day


  • To appreciate the scientific basis of QSARs for the prediction of toxicity

  • To gain practical experience in the evaluation of statistically-based and rule-based QSARs according to the OECD principles

  • To gain practical experience in reporting a QSAR prediction in REACH regulation

  • To gain practical experience of relevant software packages


Scientists involved in chemical risk assessment and product development:

  • toxicologists

  • eco-toxicologists

  • chemists

  • chemoinformaticians

  • regulatory scientists

  • risk assessors

QSARs for regulatory use
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