• Elena Fioravanzo

Visit our posters @SOT on Tuesday

Visit us on Tuesday during the poster session "Computational Toxicology I and II" in the CC Exibit Hall @SOT in Baltimore from 9:15am to 4:30pm.

Poster Board P134, Abstract 1758: Comparative Case Studies to Establish a Standardized Process for Read-Across within a Daily Safety Assessment Workflow

T. Kawamoto1, A. Granitzny2, J. Rathman3,4, A. Mostrag4, C. Yang4

1 Kao Corporation, Ichikai-machi, Japan;

2 Kao Germany GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany;

3 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA;

4 MN-AM, Columbus, OH, USA

Poster Board P170, Abstract 1794: Development of DILI Prediction Tools for Humans and Mammals from the Vantage of Translational Safety Assessment

W. Muster1, D. Naga1, J. Rathman2,3, A. Mostrag3, C. Yang3

1 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Basel, Switzerland;

2 MN-AM, Columbus, OH, USA;

3 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

Poster Board P224, Abstract 1841: Improving Read-Across Assessment of Cosmetic Ingredients Utilising COSMOS DB In Vivo Data and In Silico Evidence to Reduce Uncertainties

A. Mostrag1, B. Bienfait1, E. Fioravanzo2, T. Kleinoeder1, J. Madden3, T. Magdziarz1, J. Marusczyk1, O. Sacher1, J. Rathman1,4, A. Richarz5, C.H. Schwab1, A. Tarkhov1, A. Worth5, C. Yang1, M. Cronin3

1 MN-AM, Columbus, OH, USA;

2 ToxNavigation, East Molesey, Surrey, UK;

3 Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK;

4 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA; and

5 European Commission Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy