• Elena Fioravanzo

Video "Perspectives ... of in Silico Approaches for Predicting Toxicity"

We start a new section of our collection of resources to help and support the use of in silico approaches in toxicology: Video.

Dr Patlewicz (US EPA) and Professor Cronin (Liverpool John Moores University) discuss the QSARs that can be used to meet regulatory testing requirements under REACH. The use of read-across is presented – emphasising both the availability of different frameworks for the development of read-across and frameworks for the assessment and evaluation of read-across justification – highlighting examples published in the literature as well as regulatory technical guidance (OECD, ECHA).

If you want to further develop your knowledge and practice in the use of in silico approaches in toxicology, we organize each year in collaboration with Prof. Cronin a training course. Next one will be in June 2020 in London details.

This is a video published by PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. with the title "Perspectives on the Development, Evaluation, and Application of in Silico Approaches for Predicting Toxicity", Jan 26, 2018.