• Elena Fioravanzo

MN-AM and ToxNavigation @EuroTox 2019

If you are attending the 2019 EuroTox conference and Exhibition in Helsinki, Finland, next week and you are interested in computational toxicology for chemical hazard assessment come and visit us at booth number 3. A team from MN-AM and ToxNavigation will demonstrate our suite of software tools and applications. We are available to answer any questions regarding our technology and will be glad to help you finding the right solution for your challenges.

You are also invited on Tuesday, 10 September, at Terrace Hall from 17:00 to 19:00 for our "MN-AM (Molecular Networks and Altamira) and COSMOS DB ToxGPS Reception: Toxicity data and workflows to improve safety and risk assessment"

You can also hear about the applications of MN-AM technology visiting our posters on Tuesday, 10 September, at Session: PV02 - Poster Viewing 2, 9:00 a.m., Room: Veranda Lounge, Piazza (VL)

P16-055 – New TTC database compilation to support thresholds of toxicological concern in the risk assessment of antimicrobials beyond Cramer Classes (#750)

P16-062 – Novel Methods for Estimating NOAEL Confidence Bounds and Optimising Similarity Measures for Read-Across Workflows (#811)

P19-018 – A Case Study to Leverage Public Resources to Improve In Silico Chemical Safety Assessment (#851)