• Elena Fioravanzo

EuroTox posters now available

Elena, Aleksandra, Peter, Joerg
Elena, Aleksandra, Peter, Joerg

Thanks for visiting us at the EuroTox2019. Our posters describing the latest development of our research are now available

New TTC database compilation to support thresholds of toxicological concern in the risk assessment of antimicrobials beyond Cramer Classes PFD

Novel Methods for Estimating NOAEL Confidence Bounds and Optimising Similarity Measures for Read-Across Workflows PDF

A Case Study to Leverage Public Resources to Improve In Silico Chemical Safety Assessment PDF

Special event:

Molecular Networks and Altamira - COSMOS NG / ToxGPS Reception: Toxicity Data and Workflows to Improve Safety and Risk Assessment slides

We are currently doing a lot of science in the area of in silico assessments. If there is any specific areas you are interested in, please let us know we can see if there are any interesting publications or posters we can send you.