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ECHA PBT screening profiler

New tool to identify persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals.

The ECHA PBT screening profiler may be used to screen for substances for further PBT/vPvB assessment under REACH.

The ECHA PBT screening profiler identifies substances with the potential for Persistent (P), very Persistent (vP), Bioaccumulative (B), very Bioaccumulative (vB) properties and Toxicity to aquatic organisms (T (ENV)). The results of this screening is based on single threshold values for P/vP, B/vB and T (ENV) according to Annex XIII to REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and ECHA Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment Chapter R.11: PBT/vPvB assessment (June 2017).

The workflow takes into account experimental data in QSAR Toolbox databases and results provided by (Q)SAR models.

We routinely use the OECD QSAR ToolBox for risk, hazard or safety assessment of chemicals, if you want some practical training in the use of the ToolBox:

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