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COSMOS DB: Freely Available and Searchable Resources for Toxicity Data

On the 4th of September in Brussels the COSMOS DB / ToxGPS Reception was held, hosted by MN-AM. It is now a tradition that we meet twice a year, in Autumn during the EuroTox and in Spring during the SOT, to share news and case studies on the use of the COSMOS DB and to collect the feedback from the community of the users. The COSMOS Database (COSMOS DB) is a significant output from COSMOS. It is freely available, following registration, at and it is maintained thanks to MN-AM and LJMU. The database is an open source and expandable technology. There are several major advances in this database – it provides access to high quality data both in terms of the curation of chemical structures but also the toxicological information. With many data being donated by the US FDA from the PAFA database, the database contains data from more than 12,500 studies for over 1,600 structures covering 27 endpoints. The power and sophistication of COSMOS DB is apparent when searching the database, effect level data are recorded and the user can search by chemical structure (or similar structure / fragment) or effect, this making mining the data easier.

New for 2018 and Beyond

  • Cancer Potency Database (CPDB)

  • Apply physical chemistry to define the chemical space when using TTC workflow

  • Provide the skin permeability database from COSMOS harvesting into COSMOS DB

  • Set up a systematic way to donate data from US FDA CERES database, the grandfather of COSMOS DB

The slides will be soon available, please, stay in touch.

Thanks to all the participants

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