• Elena Fioravanzo

BTS Virtual Congress, April 2021

BTS Annual Congress 2021 is a virtual meeting. It’s not too late to register! Taking place 12th -15th April 2021. For registration details visit the BTS website: https://www.thebts.org/bts-annual-congress-2021/

We have the pleasure to present at the BTS Annual Congress a new protocol for endocrine disruption hazard identification based on (Q)SAR models of receptor-based activity, both classification and regression models, structural alerts approaches, read-across studies and 3D molecular modelling.

A chemical is defined as having ED properties if three criteria are all met:

  • the chemical shows an adverse effect,

  • the chemical has an endocrine model of actions,

  • a connection between the two, effect and endocrine mode of action is demonstrated.

The identification and the assessment of ED substances is carried out with the same approach in several legislative areas. Legislation on biocides and pesticides has already been updated to include ED assessment. A technical guidance for the identification of ED substances was published in 2018 thanks to a joint effort of ECHA and EFSA. It includes the use of in silico methods such as (Q)SAR and read-across. The methods and models included in our protocol were selected according to the criteria described in the ECHA and EFSA technical guidance. The combination protocol was designed knowing that the result will be used as a line of evidence, in support of and not in substitution of testing data. This defines the level of uncertainty that can be accepted.