• Elena Fioravanzo

Bologna: SiTox 2020

A successful SiTox meeting, in Bologna this week.

The Training Course "Linking In Silico Methods to Navigation of Chemical Safety / Risk Assessment" gave the basic understanding on how in silico methods support chemical risk assessment with lots of examples and hands-on exercises. The contribution of prof. Mark Cronin (LJMU) was particularly interesting.

Then we had a lot of interest in the session "Leveraging Existing Toxicity Data and Chemoinformatics to Strengthen Chemical Safety Assessment" where Andrew Worth (Senior scientific officer, European Commission) gave a talk on the policy maker perspective and Carla Landolfi gave us the industrial perspective. Finally Chihae Yang gave a talk on how cheminformatics can help.

We also had two posters, one on genotoxicity screening and prediction for drug impurities and the other on read-across, which were well received.

We would also like to thank prof. Corrado Galli and prof.ssa Marina Marinovich for organizing the in silico training and session this year.

See you all again at SiTox 2021, or at QSAR 2020, SOT 2020, BTS 2020 Annual Meeting and EuroTox 2020. We have exciting news on ChemTunes-ToxGPS.

For more information of a copy of the slides and posters, please drop us an email info@toxnavigation.com or visit MN-AM web page SiTox.