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"Tutor-assisted" eLearning

NAMs - Use and application of QSAR and read-across

Using the OECD QSAR Toolbox

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ToxNavigation moved its video-streamed course to an eLearning platform based on our experience of teaching this subject. We believe this platform is superior to video-streamed delivery for these reasons:


  • This is a fast moving discipline. New tools are released. New research published. With the course constantly expanding it becomes difficult to fit people's work schedule with "live" sessions.
    This new platform allows you to study when you are free.


  • Everyone has a day job and it was not unusual for an emergency to turn up mid-course. This platform avoids the issue of missing a scheduled video session.


  • The platform provides us with a method to regularly update the course and deliver it to the participants. Whereas a “live” delivery becomes an information "snap-shot" of when the course was delivered.  With a subscription, you get the updates.  We email you when updates are published.

  • Allows us to set exam quizzes and home assignments using software with automated marking to test your knowledge. Currently there are 11 quizzes and 18 home assignments in the NAMs course.

  • Much better navigation to find resources as reference material. You don't need to laboriously search a long recorded video (usual for a video-streamed delivery) to find a specific piece of information.  If you don’t use in silico toxicology every day, it is easy to forget. The navigation in the Course Player allows you to find the relevant information for revision very easily.

  • Allowed us to provide a useful resources database, community message board forum for in silico toxicology and a technical blog.

    The one thing we didn't want to sacrifice from our original courses was tutor guidance. So we have added two one-to-one sessions that can be scheduled with the tutor, provide email support throughout the course and we also provide access to a monitored message board  forum for the course.

Click to visit our eLearning platform and discover details of our courses



To ensure the quality of the training and to allow all the participants to meet their goals the number of attendees is limited to 20. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. 

Session 1 - 2 hours - Searching for chemical data and evaluate structural similarity

  • Substance, chemical structure, identifiers

  • Databases

  • Molecular descriptors I

  • Structural similarity


Practical examples will be demonstrated using: ChemSpider, OECD QSAR ToolBox, COSMOS DB, ChemTunes•ToxGPS©, AMBIT


At the end of this session you'll be able to:

  • Search chemical databases using a identifier, a chemical structure or a chemical substructure

  • Calculate molecular descriptors

  • Calculate structural similarity

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