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Report of the Expert Consultation on Scientific and Regulatory Evaluation of Organic Chemistry Mechanism-based Structural Alerts for the Identification of DNA Binding Chemicals. Part 2

Technical report collection


QSAR, genotoxicity

Series on Testing & Assessment No. 120. ENV/JM/MONO(2010)8/PART2, OECD, Paris

This document is a report of the expert consultation held on 20 October 2009 with the aim to evaluate a set of structual alerts for estimating covalent binding of chemicals with DNA. This consultation was held based on a key recommendation from the OECD Workshop on Structural Alerts for the OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox held in May 2008 [see ENV/JM/MONO(2009)4]. The resulting set of alerts will be implemented in version 2.0 of the OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox, which is to be released in 2010.

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