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New developments and regulatory applications of the OECD QSAR Toolbox

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REACH, read-across, ToolBox

Andrea Gissi (ECHA), Patience Browne (OECD), Doris Hirmann (ECHA), Darina Yordanova (LMC), Stanislav Temelkov (LMC), Martin B. Philips (US EPA), Brianne Raccor (US EPA), Andrea Richarz (ECHA), Tiago Pedrosa (ECHA)

This webinar introduces the QSAR Toolbox together with practical advice on how to use its new and essential features. It will also give an overview of future developments planned for the QSAR Toolbox in the coming years. You will learn how it connects to IUCLID and get hands on advice for using it to support read-across studies for REACH information requirements. The US Environmental protection Agency will also present its activities on the QSAR toolbox.
ECHA together with the OECD have managed the QSAR toolbox for over a decade. It is free software that supports reproducible and transparent chemical hazard assessment using non-animal methods.

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