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Navigating through the minefield of read-across tools: A review of in silico tools for grouping

Paper collection


read-across, grouping

Patlewicz, G.; Helman, G.; Pradeep, P.; Shah, I.; Computational Toxicology, Volume 3, 2017, Pages 1-18, ISSN 2468-1113,

Read-across is a popular data gap filling technique used within analogue and category approaches for regulatory purposes. In recent years there have been many efforts focused on the challenges involved in read-across development, its scientific justification and documentation. Tools have also been developed to facilitate read-across development and application. Here, we describe a number of publicly available read-across tools in the context of the category/analogue workflow and review their respective capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. No single tool addresses all aspects of the workflow. We highlight how the different tools complement each other and some of the opportunities for their further development to address the continued evolution of read-across.

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