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Navigating through the minefield of read-across frameworks: A commentary perspective

Paper collection


read-across, grouping

Patlewicz, G.; Cronin, M.T.D; Helman, G.; Lambert, J.G.; Lizarraga, L.E.; Shah, I.; Computational Toxicology, Volume 6, 2018, Pages 39-54, ISSN 2468-1113

Read-across is a popular data gap filling technique used within analogue and category approaches for both regulatory and product stewardship purposes. In recent years, there have been many efforts focused on the challenges involved in read-across development, its scientific justification and documentation for both chemical hazard and risk assessment purposes. Here, we summarise a selection of the read-across frameworks published in technical guidance documents or in the literature, and review their respective similarities and differences. There was a great deal of consensus between the different frameworks in terms of the general steps outlined and the similarity contexts considered although the terminology, decision context (chemical hazard and/or risk assessment purposes) and scope varied. A harmonised hybrid framework is proposed to help reconcile the common guiding principles and steps of the read-across process which should be helpful in expanding the scope and decision context of the existing frameworks. This harmonised framework is also intended to illustrate where generalised and systematic read-across approaches taking into consideration new approach methodology (NAM) information can be applied.

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