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Danish QSAR Database





The Danish (Q)SAR Database includes estimates from more than 200 (Q)SARs covering a wide range of hazardous properties relevant for human health and the environment such as acute toxicity to rat, mouse, fish, daphnia and algae, as well as many physical-chemical and environmental fate properties, skin irritation, sensitization, mutagenicity, cancer, reproductive toxicity including potential for endocrine disruption.
In agreement with software vendors, (Q)SAR predictions for 600,000 substances from commercial and free software (CASE Ultra, Leadscope PDM, SciQSAR, ACD/Tox Suite and EPI Suite) are included in the database. The database is one of the most comprehensive freely available (Q)SAR tools for substance evaluations and largescale screenings.
The database has been developed by the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, in cooperation and with financial support from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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