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add-on course
bespoke follow-up training
Having completed the "New Approach Methodologies - Application of QSAR and Read-across" course or "Using the OECD Toolbox" course, a bespoke follow-up training can be invaluable to put the theory of what you have learnt into practice.
This course is a mix of consultancy and training on QSAR and read-across on your own real-life case studies. It can include individual tutorials and more advanced topics such as the application of in silico toxicology for UVCBs.
After signing a confidentiality agreement, you use ToxNavigation's expertise to work with you and your toxicologist in helping you carry out one or more of your evaluations. 

The aim is to accelerate your knowledge so you can conduct your own in silico assessments with greater confidence.



To book a course or ask for information, please send an e-mail to

An alternative to the bespoke add-course is to sign up to the ToxNavigation "Expert Advice Service". This is a help desk for in silico toxicology. Another option for a post-course follow-up is you can engage us for a specific project or consultancy work.
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